Vu Course Selection Guideline Method`s and FAQ’s

Hello Students! I am Kafeel Bhatti owner of VUASSISTANCE.COM. As you now this blog is dedicated for VU students. I am always here to provide you with the assignments, gdb’s, Quizzes, Past Paper`s  and the other study material. But this is not enough you should know how to manage your VU LMS, University rules and regulations, and other information that is necessary for being a part of this university.

As now many students are discussing course selection, result, CGPA, Effective CGPA. Many students didn’t know how to select courses?, what is CGPA? Effective CGPA? And many more. This article will be golden for them.

What is CGPA?

CGPA is the total CGPA

What is Effective CGPA?

Effective CGPA is the total CGPA without counting Failure Courses

What is Semester CGPA with credit hours?

Semester CGPA is the total CGPA you get in a semester spending the given Credit Hours.

What is the Course Selection?

Course Selection is the step where you can choose the courses that you will study in your next or upcoming semester. You can choose different courses according to your semester and study program.

How Can I Do Course Selection?

First sure you are login in your VU LMS account. After that, you will see many tabs in your LMS like home etc. There is a tab named with Student Services. After clicking on it you will see a new screen.

There are many portions but you have to go to Academics. There is a first link named as a Course Selection.

Yup, select it and you will see the new screen. First read all the instructions, rules and procedures, and the note is given on your screen.  After this, you can check/select the options of courses that you want to study. So, finally, save your selection you will reach on a new screen click on Load Selected Courses. There we go on a Home Screen after a few moments later you will see your selected courses.

Navigation Guide>

Login> Student Services> Course Selection> Select/Check Front of courses> Save Selection> Load Selected Courses

vu course selection guideline


There are some FAQ’s that will help you.

Q 1. How can I select failure courses?

Answer: You have to just select those courses in course selection and update your selected courses.

Q2. How to check which book is easy from the choice of two?

Answer: Like Phy101 and Phy301, there are two books of one choice. According to my experience, you should download both and read the contents. Now it depends on you what you have an interest or what you think it is easy. You can download the content through VU Content Library.

Q3. Which courses you should study first to take the transcript?

Answer: You should study your semester courses first. Like some students take their failure subjects in last semester that is a big mistake because when it will not clear you can’t get your bachelor’s transcript.

Q4. How many subjects I can study in one semester?

Answer: It depends on the credit hours given to you in one semester. For example, if a subject has three credit hours and there is 18 credit hours are allowed then you will study only 6 courses.

Q5. New courses are not uploading what should do?

Answer: New courses are not uploading; you should sign out and again login in your account after that you will see your updated courses. If this is not happening from this process then repeat the course selection process again try the first step. Misfortunately if it didn’t happen then wait because there is an issue with LMS.

Q6. Should I also select courses in the first semester?

Answer: This is not mandatory because they are already selected but you should repeat the step for your satisfaction. Note: If you want to less the subjects then check the boxes carefully.

Q7. If you have failed some subjects what it will affect?

Answer: Yup! It will affect because it will take your degree longer. And according to some students, there is r shown on the final transcript for repeating subjects.

Q8. If any subject is failed should I skip it to a new one?

Answer: Yes you can, but it is mandatory to study it there is no option to skip it permanent. My suggestion is that if you got failed in a subject then takes them again in next semester.

Q9. What are credit hours?

Answer: Credit hours are the lecture hours for your course in a week.

Q10. How much credit hours are required in a semester?

Answer: There are different credit hours are required in a semester. Sometimes it can be 15, 18 or can be 21.

Q11. Should I repeat a D grade subject?

Answer: If you got low CGPA then in the ending semester of a degree you should take it to improve your CGPA.


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