WebP Image Benefits

Web image optimization can help you create high quality pictures for your website. The benefits of optimizing images with webp format are numerous, especially when you compare them with the standard JPEG format. First of all, they are a lossless format. They are capable of saving more on bandwidth costs.

When you choose to optimize your webpage images with webp format, you can reduce the file sizes significantly. It can result in an increase in the number of hits that your site gets. The additional traffic is likely to convert into customers. The increase in hits can help you improve the conversion rate of your web page.

As far as file size is concerned webp format is smaller than the jpeg format. The file size of an image is dependent on the size of the image file and the quality of the image editing software. You can opt for a smaller image file size, if you have to change the size of your image or if you need to reduce the number of colors used. On the contrary, there is no need to change the color mode of the webp image.

Webp image provides the option to add text on the image as well. This feature is useful if you are trying to add a picture to your web page. It can also be helpful if you want to add a comment or a caption to a picture. This will help people get the full picture about what the picture depicts. It will also help them find out more information about the item that they are seeing.

The compressed format of webp is less data intensive. Compression can reduce the file size by almost 20%. In addition, it increases the speed of loading in various web browsers. This can enable your web pages to load faster on certain computers that have slow internet connections. If you are not able to open webp image in all browsers, then the file will be stored in the server’s cache.

There are some other image benefits that you can enjoy when you use web image. One of the most prominent is the lossless compression. You can enjoy image quality that is equivalent to the quality offered by high-end graphics cards such as ATI Xpress chipset. The compression has been made possible only using the web format.

Compression ensures that the image will take up as little storage space as possible. As it is a lossless format, the size of the image is reduced without reducing the image quality. Compression can also help reduce the bandwidth usage. For example, if you are using a USB flash drive for images, then the data storage requirements will be much less than with webp format.

One of the key benefits offered by web image is the use of open source software. This enables the user to create, share and modify the image. Users do not need to have programming experience to use webp format. There are also several security implications available with webp image, which makes the format safe for use.

The software that is used to convert the images to web format also offers several other benefits as well. The software will compress the file to reduce the data transfer speed. It can also compress the image size and reduce bandwidth usage. Since the file is smaller, the download time will be faster. The users can also preview the converted file and check for errors before downloading it.

WebpConverter online software works well with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Downloading images from the internet is very fast and easy. Once the file is loaded in Windows, the viewer can view and edit the image. The file will be saved in the exact size as the original and without loss of color or resolution.

For business firms and companies, web format of the images is very important. They want their corporate images to look professional. The latest versions of web browsers support this format and it will help the visitors to see the files correctly. As images get downloaded faster, the users will not have to wait in line for a long time to download a file.

There are other image benefits of using web image format. The colors of the images retain its original hue and saturation, and the contrast is also preserved.

These are some of the most important benefits of using webp images in the websites. Therefore, it is recommended to use WebP images on your website and if you don’t have, you can convert them using online WebP converter from Vertexshare to get things done quickly and effectively.

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