Why Do I Need a Professional to Acid Wash My Pool?

There’s definitely many reasons to acid wash your pool. While most people feel good about using a test kit to add chemicals and clean the pool, when it comes to acid washing, most pool owners prefer to use professional services. When you do not get regular water pumping or pool maintenance completed on an ongoing basis, your floor will eventually start to deteriorate. Acid washing along with other regular pool maintenance can increase the lifespan of your swimming pool for many years to come.

What is the process of acid washing a pool?

An acid wash strips a thin layer of plaster out of a pool. Along with the plaster layer, the contaminants such as the chlorine gas, the minerals, and simply dirt are removed. Usually, the plaster coat around the pool is between one and two to three inch thick and the acid removes a thick layer. The end result of an acid rinse is a fresher, younger and brighter skin under your pool skin. The acid washing stripping of the highest layer of plaster exposes the new plaster under. Swimming pools require this cleaning when winterizing the pool isn’t done immediately enough or algae take over because the pool isn’t being used or maintained correctly. It is not recommended to do it too often however so it is important to consult with your local pool specialists.

Acid washing a pool is not a DIY project.

If your pool has become too dirty or you have algae build-up, your pool may need an acid wash. The acid washing process in itself is destructive. Acid washing requires an intense acid to remove the layer of drywall to reveal cleaner plaster underneath. The safety of all people working on the acid wash is crucial. This includes the use of hazardous substances as well as extra safety steps. Even in the presence of safety protocols, a lack of application can cause serious damage to your plaster. Blue Utopia can help diagnose your problem and develop a plan to bring your pool home again in the pristine condition.

The importance of an insured contractor.

There are many benefits to getting your pool acid washed by an expert. The first being that the team is able to properly as well as safely remove the bacteria from the pool walls and floors. If you DIY attempt to rinse the pool with acid by hand, mistakes or injuries may occur. These errors can cause severe damage to your pool plasters, only costing you more money and time. When pool water has dried up, the sides may begin to buckle or crack. Damages are not easily repaired and typically require a full replacement to the plaster. Most pools use hydrostatic valves which discharge subsurface water pressure into the pool. But these valves may also seize meaning the water pressure beneath the pool stays very high. Thus if this increase has taken place, your pool will be unusable immediately afterward. When the bacteria is properly removed by a professional, it will provide the pool with a fresh new look as well as renew the pool’s safety to be in.

Hire A Pro And Make Your Life Easier

While many aspects of pool ownership can be taken care of by the owner, acid-washing pools should be dealt with by trained professionals. It’s possible to do the procedure yourself, but why would you risk chemical exposure or an unfinished-looking result just to save a few bucks? Call the top pool service provider in your area to schedule an acid wash and avoid the overwhelming process of trying to acid wash your own pool. 



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