Wondering About Fox Eye Lift

The shape of the eye is very important in order to have a sharper and more attractive look. The aesthetics of the eyes, which are the first place that people pay attention to each other when they meet, also directly affect the beauty. However, sometimes due to genetic reasons, sometimes due to environmental conditions and age, non-aesthetic conditions may be encountered in the eye.

However, with the aesthetic methods developing day by day, it is possible to overcome these problems and have more beautiful eyes. Fox eye lift is also one of these aesthetic methods. Fox eyes, which have become widespread in social media in recent years, especially with the leadership of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian, are quite popular. Before having this application, also called almond eye, it is necessary to clarify the curious issues.

How is Fox Eye Surgery Done?

Fox eye lift is among the non-surgical aesthetic applications. So it’s pretty easy. First of all, the person goes through an expert control and aesthetic planning is done. Local anaesthesia is applied to prevent the person from getting hurt or feeling tension during the application. General anaesthesia is not needed. Then the eyelids and eyebrows are lifted upwards with threads called French hanger. This process is completed in 20-30 minutes. After the application, individuals can continue their normal lives. Since there is no surgical procedure, there is no need for healing or resting processes.

Differences Between Canthoplasty and Fox Eye Aesthetics

There are also surgical methods for those who want to have fox eyes or almond eyes. Fox eye surgery provides the same result. However, there are various differences between these surgeries called canthoplasty and fox eye aesthetics. Some of these differences can be listed as follows:

• Hospitalization may be required for surgical applications. You may also need a few days to rest and recover after surgery. In fox eye aesthetics, normal life can be returned after the procedure.

• General anaesthesia is applied in the surgical method. However, the number of people who are not suitable for general anaesthesia due to various health problems is high. This prevents them from being fox-eyed. The application with French hanger threads can be applied to everyone because it does not require general anaesthesia.

• The incidence of pain and various complications after surgery is higher. Fox eye aesthetics do not cause any pain.

• It is not possible to undo the procedures performed by surgical method. In the event that the person is not satisfied with the result, there is no intervention that can be made. Since the aesthetic method is made with threads, it can be easily undone.

Who is Fox Eye Aesthetics Suitable For?

Fox eye aesthetics can be performed on anyone who has completed the age of 18. You don’t need anything extra to have fox eyes. Generally, those with low eyebrow problems, small eyes, tired and unconscious looks prefer this procedure. However, even if one of these problems is not seen, fox eye application can be performed with aesthetic concerns.

Sharper Looks with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

In order to achieve the expected result from fox eye aesthetics, the right clinical selection is of great importance.  Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, which has been operating by prioritising patient satisfaction since 2016, is the right address for those who are considering having fox eye lift. It is possible to have sharper looks with Vanity, which serves many patients both at home and abroad with its expert staff.

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