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You are in the right place if you are searching for the best keylogger for iPhone. Today our topic is about the applications that are providing the best keylogger services with reliability. Though many applications are providing keylogger for the iPhone, not all are reliable.

We have done the research for our readers and have come up with ten such applications. Stay with us to determine which applications are reliable and trustworthy. If you want to know everything, then you will have to be with us throughout this article without missing any part. Let’s begin.

1. Safespy

The very first application on our list today is Safespy. This application has as many features as a person could desire to have for his spying errands. Eventually, it has all the features to fulfil the needs of a client. 

It comes along with the most facile commands so that everyone can enjoy this splendid tool. You will not find any tool that provides so many features in such a cost-effective package. You can entirely rely on it for your work. Give a visit to its official page and learn more about it.


Convenient Usage

Safespy doesn’t require any technical knowledge for its usage. A person can easily use it with basic know-how. Even anyone can use it as a professional person by just following up the instructions. 


If you face any problem, you can contact the customer care unit as they are available 24/7 to help the customers. They are very professional in their work and make sure that the problem of the customer is solved.



The feature called keylogger depicts every keystroke and tap made on the target device. Using this feature, the user can get to know all the things that are typed on that particular device.

Can get to know what are the passwords of social media accounts and the usernames. What messages the target device sends, receives or even deleted all can be known. This feature can also reveal personal information. 

Sim Card Tracking

Safespy has another splendid feature which is a sim card tracker. However, it is a web-based service and requires the internet for its usage, in the case that the target device isn’t having internet or has turned it off. You can still track it by sim card. 

Sim card tracking even doesnt requires GPS. You can also see who the target device is texting or calling as it enables the users to look at the contact list. Further, it also allows the user to see details of the message, such as a timestamp. 

2. Spyic

It is another application with the best keylogger for the iPhone. Spyic is another name for reliability. You can blindly rely upon its services as it is legal and safe. 9/10 customers are satisfied with its service and happily renew their packages.

Spyic is a hidden spy tool that you can use to keep an eye on someone’s activities without them knowing. Spyic allows the users to spy without any kind of jailbreaking or hacking. All of its commands are facile to follow. What are you waiting for? Join the Spyic family today.

3. Minspy

How can we not talk about Minspy when we are discussing the best keylogger applications. It has a massive number of users worldwide because of the unique and facile features it is furnishing them with.

It has all the advanced features which the top-class applications have in a cost-effective package. You can heed to its website and get to know all about it.

4. Spyine 

Using Spyine, you can get to know about all the taps and keystrokes made on the target device as it has a feature called keylogger for this specific purpose. It also leads the users to get to know the usernames and the passwords. 

Moreover, it has geofence, a feature that leads the user to determine the past and present locations of the target device without getting stuck to the screen for hours and hours. It has all the advanced features one could ask.


5. Spyier

This application allows you to track down each and every activity of the target device without letting the target device owner get a hint about it. This application is straightforward to run as all its commands are easy to follow, and anyone can understand them and use this application without any issue. 

It also has one of the best customer care unit. You can contact them 24/7, and they will solve your problem. You can also watch the demo on its official site before subscribing to its paid services. 

6.  Minspy

Minspy users can track down any device. Whether its OS is android or IOS, it doesnt matter as it works for both. You can stay at one corner of the world and track down what is happening on a particular device at the other corner of the world.

You do not need to get physical access to the device. Just provide the server with the iCloud details of the device to be spied. However, the process differs for android devices. You can also get to know about that just visit its homepage, and you will get all information over there.

7. Neatspy

Neatspy lets you spy on the target device remotely and in stealth mode without any fear of getting caught. The applications have next-gen technology by which the users can spy on anyone with almost zero efforts. 

As all the work is to be performed by the application itself. The user just has to make an account and provide the necessary details. You can do all this at a very economical price and choose from the range of packages available on its official site.  

8. Spyzie

With the help of Spyzie, you can entirely keep check and balance on the target device. You can get to know about their visits, chats, browser histories, contact lists, call histories, social media details. Hence, everything that they do on their device you can get to know about that.

Spyzie is easy to use and comes with the most straightforward rules to follow. You can check the demo on their official page for a better understanding of how this application works. 

9. Cocospy

Cocospy is safe in all terms when it comes to spying. Also, it makes sure that the privacy of its users remains intact. You can keep track of the activities of the target device remotely. There is no need to touch the target device.

 It provides services for both of the OS, so there is no need to find another tool for other devices as you can track all devices from a single application. 

10. TeenSafe

You will not be finding anything better than this tool as it is the most reliable, safest, and one with advanced technology. You can perform all your spying errands from this tool as it has all the features to do so. 

You can do sim card tracking, live-location monitoring, social media spying. Eventually, you can see everything happening on the target device in your device.


This article must have proved to be helpful for you to find out the best application for your spying errand. All of these are the best in their work. Choose one for yourself and get set to start spying. 


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