Best Time to study

Study Time

This is a very old question, but still asked when should we study? Debates on this topic is never ending. One should study at night or at day time? Both times have their own benefits and key features.

Everyone will favor and vote to the time in which he study. From specific point of view there is no winner. Some people prefer studying at night while others say that the best time to study is morning. Listed below are some benefits for studying at both day and night time.

Benefits of studying at day time:

  • When you will study, after sleeping enough hours you will feel energetic and you can focus on things more clearly, and concentration is also increased.
  • Studying at day time is beneficial in the sense you can contact to your friends or teachers about the questions that are not clear to you.
  • Mostly activities take place at day time over all in the world, if you are searching for some content you can go to libraries easily. One can also go out to have some break to some coffee shop with friends.
  • Sunlight is the natural light that does not effect our eyes, where as artificial light hurt eyes and also our sleep rhythm is disturbed.

Benefits of studying at night time:

  • One of the main benefit of studying at night is that at night there is silence, no activities are taking around, there is not that much noise of traffic out, and so you can focus on your studies in peace and quiet surrounding.
  • Most Libraries stay open late night, which is lucky chance, for those who want to study at night as libraries are not crowded at that time.
  • Distractions at night are a few at night, as many people sleep at night, it’s only you and night owl studying. Social networks are almost non active a night time.
  • Creative efficiency is increased at night as things seem different at that time. Also the body is better equipped to study at late night than in morning.

These benefits can go on, it all depends on you and your environment, weather you should study at night or at day. Every one has its own timetable and routine to follow. It is ultimately individual preference dependent.

Here are some tips for those who study or want to study at night:

  • Time management:

Time track is easily is mismanaged at night, for this purpose one should make a time table for his studies. The tome table should be made in a sense that one have a break of 5, 10 minutes for every 50 minutes. Keeping yourself hydrated is also important.  

  • Rest:

Studying at night does not mean you should not sleep well. The key to success is the well rested mind. You can never succeed by just sleeping a few hours in mornings. One should sleep 7 to 8 hours to be healthy.

  • Study Routine:

If you want to study at night, then keep it as a routine, so that your body will get used to it. Studying at night for some days and then in morning, your body and mind both will not perform well, you should stick to one time and go with it.

  • Lightning:

When studying in evening, you should know that after a while you will have to study at night, you should keep your room well lighted, so that you don’t face any difficulty while studying.

  • Music:

Studying at night increases your creativity level. Many artists mostly work at night time, as creativity become more pronounced at night. You can listen to some music that is motivational or which you like as it will be helpful.


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