Increasing Battery life of laptops

laptop battery efficiency

When your system is new, its backup time will be good, but as time passes limited backup time of batteries become headache. Every laptop user faces the problem of limited battery life. Here are some tips you can use to increase the battery life of laptops. There is an inbuilt command in your laptop, to increase the battery life time but it is not very popular among everyone. “Power Saving Mode” greatly help you to increase the battery life. Old laptops do not have this feature by default, but you can do this manually.

“Powercfg” command for Windows 7 Operating System, is very helpful in this case. This will show the energy consumptions and usage of your laptop. Maintaining it will surely help to increase the life of your battery.

Steps to increase battery life:

  • Click on the start menu and type “CMD” in the search bar, you can also use the shortcut for “CMD” as Window key + R to open “Run” then type “CMD”, and then press enter key.
  • After searching there will be an icon of “CMD” (Command Prompt), right click on it and select Run as administrator.
  • A command line will be opened, without quotes run the command “powercfg-energy” only for Windows 7 Operating System. For Windows 8 Operating System, run without quotes.
  • Press “Enter”.

A complete scan of your system will run by Windows after this successful execution. And it will find some ways for the improved performance and power efficiency. An HTML file will be saved in the “System32” folder of C drive, which is the result of this process.

After the competition of command follow the steps, in the command prompt window, to access this file. The programs consuming more power will be mentioned in this file, read this file to understand them. Fix that problem to increase the battery life of your laptop.

Also try these tips to increase battery life:

  • Turn Bluetooth off, when it is not in use.
  • Decrease the brightness of laptop screen, as full brightness takes much of the battery.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi of your laptop, if you are not searching or browsing something.
  • Remove external devices like pen drive, DVDS, USB etc. if they are not is use.
  • Laptop temperature should be low always.
  • One should run those apps which do not use much RAM.

These tips will surely help you to increase the battery life of your laptop or notebook.


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