Paternity test cost – home paternity test vs legal paternity test

If you want to determine the father of your child for legal reasons, you need to make sure you book an in-person test at a clinic so a professional can do this for you. If you only need to know the paternity of your child for peace of mind and to determine who will be the father’s future in your child’s life, you can do this procedure from the comfort of your own home.

The paternity test cost of an at-home test vs. legal in-person test

You might have thought that all paternity tests cost the same – however, there are different types of paternity and DNA testing kits that can establish paternity! Learn more about paternity tests to make sure you get the information you need to protect you and your child.

If you do the test at your own home, this is typically less costly than the in-person option, you can purchase a kit online or in the store and then do the test from the comfort of your own house. كيف تربح في مراهنات كرة القدم All you have to do is read the instructions and make sure you follow each step in precise order. You can do this by using the buccal swab on the side of your cheek – or your child’s cheek – and then inserting the buccal swab into the tube to be sent to the lab for testing. مواقع الرهان على المباريات Make sure that you do not touch the buccal swab on anything else and you properly seal the package.

  • The cost of a home paternity test is usually around $30 when compared to an in-person testing option.
  • Usually, the cost of the kit is around $30 or less and the test analysis will cost you around $120-$150 depending on the clinic location. The price of the analysis will vary depending on the rate of the speed of how quickly you will get the results back. gaminátor játék ingyen

The reason the in-person paternity test cost is much higher than the at-home option is that this is the only legally admissible choice. If you are trying to establish paternity for legal reasons – such as child custody, child support, and monetary reasons – then you will need to do a legal test to show it has been done by a trusted professional.

When you go to an in-person clinic to have the test done by a professional nurse or doctor, you will find that the procedure is very similar to what you would do on your own at home. The only difference is that the laboratory at faculty will be able to establish paternity on the spot. The typical price of an in-person test at a facility is around $400 for one child. In most cases, you will find that your insurance does not cover the patent test cost because it is not deemed to be necessary for your health or for any medical reasons. fogadóiroda korlátozás


The paternity test cost in-person vs. an at-home test will vary based on the reasons for the test. If you go to an in-person clinic, you will benefit from having a legally admissible test, whereas you can spend less money at an at-home test – but this is only good for personal reasons and peace of mind.

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