Podiatrists: What Do They Do and When Should You Consult One?

Officially called a doctor of podiatric medicine, or DPM, a podiatrist, treats all types of foot and lower leg-related conditions. They are trained to diagnose and treat joint and bone problems, neurological diseases, and soft tissue pathologies, among other disorders. Simply put, podiatrists are “foot doctors”.

You should find a skilled podiatrist in Sydney immediately if you suffer from any foot-related diseases or injuries. You can also see a podiatrist for wart removal and treatment for an ingrown or fungal nail condition.

What Do Podiatrists Treat?

To know when you should see a podiatrist, we have a list here of common ailments they treat. You can reach out to a podiatrist if you suffer from any of these. You can book an appointment even if you aren’t suffering from any major foot issue but want a regular check-up done.

Most commonly, podiatrists do the following:

  • They perform an in-depth biomechanical assessment of your foot to diagnose the issue before treating it.
  • Treat nail and skin conditions in the feet such as tumours, ulcers, and congenital disabilities.
  • Give consultation on general foot health and preventive care.
  • Make foot or lower limb casts in case of fractures, sprains or other injuries.
  • They also treat bunions. A bunion is an abnormal, painful growth in the foot.
  • Podiatrists remove warts through a painless laser procedure.
  • A podiatrist also treats arthritis in the knee.
  • They also treat painful hammertoes: a condition wherein the toe bends downward from the middle part, resembling a hammer.
  • If there is a fungal condition in your foot or lower leg, podiatrists will treat the condition with a cold laser treatment.
  • Refer other doctors in case the foot problem is caused by disorders in some other part of the body.

Podiatric Specialists

Podiatrists treat people of all ages and varied backgrounds. But a podiatrist can choose to specialize in a sub-division of medicine.

Here are a few examples:

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can damage parts of your foot or lower limbs along with other parts of the body. If not addressed in time, it may need amputation of toes, other parts of the foot, or the entire lower leg. Podiatrists keep feet healthy in people with diabetes and help prevent damage.


Children may have foot trouble as well. In such cases, you should take them to a podiatrist in Sydney that specializes in pediatric foot care. They will make a careful assessment and help your child have healthy feet.

Sports Specialist

Almost all major athletes see a podiatrist to get treated for sports-related injuries. Even if you aren’t a professional sportsman, you can still see a podiatrist for damage caused by any physical activity or exertion.


If there is a severe condition you need treatment for, a podiatric radiologist can detect it via an X-ray, scan, MRI, or ultrasound. The images are used to make diagnoses and refer to treatment plans.

When to See A Podiatrist

Our feet take a lot of tolls every day when they carry us around. They absorb shock from strenuous activities and can grow weak over time. If you feel pain in any part of your feet or lower limbs, make an appointment with your podiatrist at once. Delaying it may worsen the situation and cause long-term damage. You can also check with a podiatrist if you wish to amp up your workout routine. They will assess and tell you if your feet can take the extra stress.

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