There might be times when no matter how much you want to be with the people you love, distance, time and other restrictions may act up as a hurdle. There might be some birthdays of your loved ones that you won’t be physically present for. But don’t lose heart because you could still shower them with lots of love on their special day by sending them a token of love in the form of a birthday gift online delivery.

Even if you are present with your loved ones, ordering gifts online is always a great idea and has a lot of perks. Birthday gifts online delivery can help you to pick and choose between a thousand products and services, also the number of offers and discounts will leave you stunned. You will simply be spoilt for choices!

The kind of gifts you could deliver depends on the gender of the person you’re sending the gift to, their specific interests, your budget amongst other things. But because we care, we have you covered and will share the best ideas on what you could gift the people you love. Check out the ideas listed below.

ü Green Is The New Colour Of Love!

Go green- flowers have always been known to have a language of their own, over the years they have been gifted to express different emotions. But a lesser-known fact is that even plants are symbolic of different things and can be gifted to people depending on their personalities. Like the “air plant” symbolizes freedom and creativity and should be gifted to a person striving for these things. Similarly, “Bonsai” represents Harmony, wisdom, and calm whereas the “Lucky Bamboo” is a symbol of great fortune and longevity. You can send your loved ones some good old flowers, plants, or even saplings so that they can explore the little gardener with them and even contribute to the well-being of the environment.

ü Turn Every Moment Into Memories

Capture the moment- another great gender-neutral gift could be an instant camera that instantly gives polaroid photos. You can make the person you love document all their favorite memories by putting together an album full of photos like the good old times. There is something nostalgic in sitting down with your friends and family and going through an album full of photos. Surprise the special people in your life by sending them an online delivery of this instant camera which comes in quirky and cool colors.

ü Customized Bouquet

Bouquets today not only refer to flower bouquets but also many unique types of bouquets. The choice of bouquets to be gifted depends completely on the person who is receiving the gift. For instance, if it is a kid who is to be given the gift he/she should be given a bouquet of chocolates. If the bouquet needs to be given to a grown man he must be given a bouquet of toiletries including shaving cream, beard oil, hair gel, etc. Similarly, a candle bouquet could be gifted to ladies and girls of all age groups.

ü Get Pampering Done At Home

There are multiple online service providers who at the comfort of your own home will come and give you a full spa session or an at-home salon experience. This could be the perfect online gift for someone who has been overworked or really could use a break for them to get a full-blown makeover or simply rejuvenate themselves.

ü Way To Someone’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

Online delivery has become a case of convenience in our everyday life. We are so used to it so much that we forget how we can use something this simple to make someone’s birthday special! So be generous and send the birthday boy or girl a yummy cake along with their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. Send a drink along for celebrations to brighten up as well!

We haven’t left any stone unturned in giving you our best ideas so now you go ahead and surprise the people who you love. Make it their most memorable birthday even if it’s from a physical distance. Pick up your smartphones and be super smart about what you want to send to your loved ones as their birthday gift, which will be delivered to them at an unexpected hour and will give you their expected happiness! Lots of happiness and cake. Let the party begin!

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